How To Replace A Sump Pump

How To Replace A Sump Pump

Just like in our page on fixing a sump pump, the first thing I’ll advise you is to have a professional plumber or home improvement guy come on over and take care of it himself. Sump pumps are a generally non-fun thing to work with, unless you just really like the whole dirt thing. But that aside, this page is about ‘replacing’ a sump pump!

So how do you replace a sump pump?

Well first, there are some things we need to go over first to make sure there is an understanding of what is going on. In this article you will read over the basic steps of ‘how-to’ replace your sump pump. This procedure is quite easy.

If you are looking to put in a completely new system, then you should seek the help of a professional plumber to do any piping. You should only attempt to install a new system if you have an advanced knowledge in how to do such procedures.

Also, before starting this job make sure that none of the drain lines will be used, and make sure that your sump pump is unplugged from any electrical source.

If you fail to make sure that none of the drain lines are used, then your house or utility room will get flooded.

Before starting make sure you are working in a well lighted area. You don’t want any problems to occur.

Also, before starting you may want to consider cleaning out your pit at the same time. To read an article on how to clean out your pit please go here.

Ok, it’s time to learn how to replace a sump pump.

2.  Locate the sump pump in your basement or utility room. Unplug it to avoid possible electrical shock or personal injury.

3.  Find the place to disconnect the pump from the drain line. If you cannot locate this, then revert to your owner’s manual. This is usually either a screw-together type union or a rubber coupling with hose-clamp fastenings. It is very easy to take these apart.

4.  Remove the pump from the pit and allow it to drain for a few minutes. Any plastic piping that was connected to the sump pump needs to be saved for the new one, unless you want to replace them. Find a 5 gallon bucket and put the pump in it. This is a safety precaution that way you don’t get gunk all over your carpet.

5.  Take the pump with you to your local hardware store, plumbing-supply warehouse or home-improvement center. They can help you pick a replacement that requires the same power source and provides the same drain-line hookups and pumping capabilities.

6.  Take the new pump and reattach any piping and fittings in the same way that they were on the old pump.

7.  Set the new pump in the pit and reconnect the union. Plug in the pump, and then test the pump by filling the sump pit with buckets of water.

(This article contributed by a brilliant plumber named Josiah)

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